Saphron's Journal

"architecture is not justice"

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22 November 1984
I like labels: I'm a 22 year old, over educated, dyslexic, feminist, bisexual, goth, 'occultist' and a vegetarian among many other things. I like labels more because of their arbitrary nature rather than any real feeling of creating a whole identity from them. The concept of labeling people and categorizing ourselves to construct a coherent identity is an interesting one even if it is questionable. I like to be contradictory. I deny the oppositional relationship most people perceive between logic and emotion. I believe in being rational but I question what rationality really is and really means. I would like to be a post-modernist but when you really look in to it it is rather self indulgent and it seems I'm too practical. I used to be a 'satanist' but all the dumb 20 something boys who also use that label embarrass me by association. I have a pentagram tattooed on my back and wear a silver one constantly around my neck. People with "upright" ones sometimes glare at me but I tend to find this flattering rather than annoying. I love attention. And no, this isn't meant to be coherent. I find life funny but in a pathetic kind of way and I have to avoid becoming mopey and depressed. I like watching people. I have a degree in Women's Studies and English. I sew and I paint. I can't sing but I do anyway. I write but tend not to finish things and doubt my talent. I pretend to be interesting and interested but everything turns in to a poorly timed farce in the end and I tend to loose interest, even in myself, rather too soon. I have nothing wrong with my life but I sulk anyway, mostly about the world and politics or my love life. I don't have a favorite band because I'm too lazy to be any good at the fan thing but if I did it would be Black Sabbath purely for nostalgic reasons - I think I should be embarrassed of that so maybe that is why I deny it. I own lots of clothes, most of them are black, but I can never find what I want to wear. I have no idea what I'm going to do with myself this year and don't even know what city I'm going to be living in.
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