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Tomorrow Night [Aug. 31st, 2007|12:05 pm]

Zanzibar is on the corner of K'rd and Pitt St. Doors are at 9pm...

Annnnnnd I'm coming down with something... I just know something is going to get forgotten :/
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Samantha [Aug. 30th, 2007|01:33 pm]
Does anyone know if Sam is ok? She's not been replying to emails or phone calls for at least a week.
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Next Saturday - 1st Sept 2007 - Innominata [Aug. 25th, 2007|01:57 pm]


Zanzibar is a perfect venuw so make sure you don't miss out on checking this one out.
Room Noir will be on early to sooth and scare you with beautiful music, the Djs Somnus, Spiggy and Valec will try to keep you dancing and amused and then Vostok Lake and The Vostok Girls will go on at midnight.
There are prizes for best costumes male and female, and best mask as well as a charity raffle for the Auckland Cat Rescue (who also get all the profit from the night that isn't going to the bands).

I am hoping this will be a magical evening in more ways than one. Those of you going to the wedding beforehand, please remind the bride and groom that their names are on the door and we are looking forward to seeing them there too (I've been assured you'll all have time to go home, sober up and get changed well before Innominata so start planning your outfits!).

Costume Magic are one of our sponsors and will hire you a full costume (including all layers and accessories) for just $50. Make sure you mention Innominata and go in the special prize draw!
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Burlesque [Aug. 17th, 2007|11:21 pm]
All is going well. We MAY still have room for a few more girls. We also need a bunch of other stuff done back stage and a LOT of sewing and stuff. I also need help/contacts getting sponsorship sorted. Please contact me if you're keen to get involved in any way :)

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BurlyQ, Innominata and stuff... [Aug. 5th, 2007|04:43 pm]
Burlesque: if anyone out there is interested in dancing in a burlesque review please get in touch with me. Saphron at acerbussonitus.org or denerose at gmail. We have an open audition/meeting on Thursday evening and this is the last call for casting - I can't guarantee any spots to people not there on Thursday.

Less than a month to plan and create your pretty pretty frocks for that fancy costume prize!

Feel free to hotlink

I have my voice back... mostly. Catherine did not help in this though. Why was singing loudly to GnR last night a good idea? Because the birthday girl said so of course!

Kim is the best boyfriend ever. He is doing dishes, and he makes me cups of tea and is generally cute and lovely and yay.
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(no subject) [Aug. 1st, 2007|05:55 pm]
I have been ill for just over a week now and it is today I loose my voice. I have actually lost my voice - when I try to talk all that comes out is a funny squeaky sound...
It is highly traumatic as my mother is not online. I think I am going to have to call and squeak at her and hope she realizes that a) it isn't a prank call, b) it is me, c) I have lost my voice and need her to come and make me hot chocolate stat, and d) that I don't pop a blood vessel/tonsil etc doing it.

Also I can't talk to Bettie. I discovered my lack of voice by trying to say "Good morning Miss Page, who is a pretty little kitty then!" and it came out as "Giiiaaah...*squeak*, *cough*, preee..." I then tried the simpler "Bettie Bet!" greeting but that ended up beaing "Bee*squeak*" she keeps meowing at me but I can't respond. Very very sad.
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Autism [Jul. 31st, 2007|05:12 pm]

There is a debate going on, it seems, between people who want to "cure" autism and people who want it accepted as just a different way of being. Oddly enough the pro-cure people are mostly parents of severely, low functioning, autistic children and the other side of the debate are people with mild, high functioning, autism like AS. To me it seems a very black and white way of looking at it. I mean there are lots of things about autism that suck no matter how functional you are and then there are bits that are nice too. I think there needs to be more research and it does need to be better understood and that anything that can increase the quality of life for low (and high) functioning autistics should be looked in to. Just because you find a diet that helps alleviate some symptoms doesn't make the person any less themselves for example. Lobotomizing people and sedating them is obviously, I hope, not really under the "quality" of life banner.

Anyway while I think the argument and the creation of "sides" is silly I do agree with the "acceptance" crowd in that I think we need to encourage and celebrate the good things about autistic people - particularly those in our lives. Also it has come up several times of late. So I thought I would talk about my dad, who is autistic.

My dad is one of the kindest and most gentle people I have ever met. He is also the most intelligent - like really really intelligent. He is in the top division of the top one percentile for IQ with a score of 179 on one test (European Standardized I think). He sings, hums and "beeps" (something which is called 'stimming' some people rock, cross and uncross their fingers or any number of other distracting behaviors to calm themselves) all day. He has trouble saying goodbye and no and generally doesn't deal with closure well. He has trouble reading facial expressions and know what to say and when. He is careful in the extreme. He always takes his time so when he finally does something you know it will be done right. He has a weird sense of humor. He does a fantastic dalek impression. When I was little he always, always answered when I asked "whhhy?" and usually in great detail too. He spent a whole summer making plasma generators to amuse me. He used to read to me in Latin and Ancient Greek when I was small. He would rock me for hours and count every rock out loud. He is trusting - maybe too trusting. He has saved literally dozens of lives because he is calm and careful (being a genius may or may not be a factor). He will sit for hours and untangle a knot in my hair without hurting me. He will nurse a sick hedgehog back to health for months if necessary. He loves cats. He has a deep calm voice. He gets bothered when sci-fi spaceships don't make sense. He collects broken tvs and printers and can't throw anything away. He fixes them and gives them away to the solo-mums in our area. He can explain the exact chemical reactions going on inside an egg while it boils yet he can't actually boil one. He was my primary caregiver and homeschooled me while mum worked, I studied: maths, physics, chemistry and electronics from age 8, and then I went to a tutor for English/Dyslexia. We built gigantic lego forts and aircraft carriers and made amazingly realistic dalek costumes out of boxes. He always has time for people and cats and hedgehogs. Yet he is never on time for anything. From age 4 he knew every part of a car motor and how it worked. He was 34 before he learned to drive one. He is good with computer hardware but software is too "user friendly" for him and confuses him when it doesn't behave in the "obvious" and "logical" fashion. Yes sometimes he reminds me of Spock. He has friends who are physicists, chess grandmasters, doctors and mongrel mob members. He never judges people based on looks or anything else really. He really likes microwaves because they are so "efficient". People who are scared of the word 'radiation' confuse him. I love my dad for lots and lots of reasons, of which the above are just a few, but most of all I love him because he is my dad.
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Mother Russia - Pictures [Jul. 23rd, 2007|10:37 pm]

Gallery is still being worked on but all of my pictures are up. You can make comments and stuff. Yay for boyfriends!
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Announcement: [Jul. 23rd, 2007|03:44 pm]

Feel free to hotlink. More details and web-flyers coming closer to the date.
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(no subject) [Jul. 21st, 2007|10:43 am]
[mood |chipperchipper]

Things I learned:

  • People will do just about anything to see Mary dance including but not limited to arriving at a gig on time!

  • Next time: Vostok Lake play 25 mins - not an hour. I like Daphne's music a lot but I agree with comments made that people can't take more than a few songs of her style of estrogen fueled intensity.

  • I still have to start the dancefloor.

  • Partners are ever so useful! And Kim is particularly wonderful!

  • Go-Go Girls ftw.

  • Myspace and Lj pimping worked well as did some flyering but I got no feed back on the posters so won't bother with them next time.

  • Think about door bitching and having someone else stage manage.

  • While being the sole investor (particularly when you were not expecting to be) in a gig is a little bit more stressful it is also rather more satisfying to break even (we made $20!).

  • Just because the owner of your local bar is good friends with some people you trust as both peope and professionals does not mean that said bar owner will also be a good professional - although once he finds out who you know he may well start to behave like an adult (at least).

  • Last, but not least, I must try to never EVER again get Peter Murphy and Andrew Eldritch confused in a room full of drunk goths. While I survived this time it very well could have been suicide by goth lynching had I not been more careful

  • *does the profit dance*

    Don't forget I have an announcement tomorrow for the Sept 1st gig. I hope everyone who came last night had fun. I'm sorry that I hardly got a chance to talk to anyone - note aforementioned doorbitch considerations - and I am really glad you could all make it. I hope you all had a great night :)

    *edit* For those who were worried, the girl who collapsed at the end of the night was fine - she was an epileptic and used to it, poor thing.
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    Auckland - TONIGHT: [Jul. 20th, 2007|11:29 am]

    Litvak Attack, Vostok Lake and The Magdalene

    Doors at 9pm, acts at 10 - going late, $5.
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    penultimate reminder: [Jul. 20th, 2007|12:50 am]

    Mary is on just before 10 so please try to be at least eary-ish!
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    Re: Interveiw tomorrow [Jul. 18th, 2007|11:31 am]
    Hello darlings,

    Daphne (Vostok Lake) is doing an interview on KiwiFm (102.2fm) on their breakfast show tomorrow morning at 8:10 am. Is anyone able to record this for me? She'll be pimping Mother Russia among other things.

    also a rather large reminder:
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    THIS FRIDAY: Mother Russia: Vostok Lake and Litvak Attack live @ The Thirsty Dog (Auckland) [Jul. 16th, 2007|06:06 pm]
    Ok so the title says it all really but a recap none the less:

    Acerbus Sonitus Presents:
    An All Female Audio Revolution

    Featuring Litvak Attack and Vostok Lake LIVE!

    Plus other entertainment including female Djs, the Vostok Go-Go Girls,
    And a gypsy dance performance by The Magdalene.

    Friday 20th July (That is THIS FRIDAY!)
    Doors at 9pm

    At The Thirsty Dog (corner Howe Street and K’rd)

    The djs will be playing an amazingly eclectic mix including, but not limited to, prog-rock, ambient and dark folk, goth rock and post punk, and finishing the night with hard rock, old school metal and some NZ hardcore!

    All genders welcome.

    PS: dear goths don't worry I've not gone to the rockside forever - I've found the perfect venue for a new goth/darkwave gig... save Sept 1st...
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    My thrilling Sat night [Jul. 15th, 2007|12:28 am]
    [mood |soresore]

    I have an ear ache. It is really bad. At least Kim is home this weekend to fill hot-water-bottles and generally fuss over me. Waah I say waaah. Was looking forward to the KA tonight too...
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    Re: draaaaamaaa [Jul. 12th, 2007|02:27 pm]
    Oh gods I can't stand drama queens. Well actually I love drama queens - they're amusing - just not drama queens I have to work with in a professional capacity!

    Anyway it seems to be sorted. Don't worry I'll tell all the gossip AFTER the gig.

    Ps: Thanks for all your sympathy to my last post :)
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    (no subject) [Jul. 11th, 2007|11:22 pm]
    [mood |pissed offpissed off]

    FUCK FUCK fuck.... FUCK!

    more on that soon - can't go public yet - just needed to jettison SOMEthing into the general aether to make myself feel better...

    I'm so upset can hardly breath... not sure if this is because I'm so sad I'm going to cry or so angry I'm going to hit something...
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    Sat....? [Jul. 11th, 2007|08:59 pm]

    Anyone else keen? Yes? No? Maybe? I think there is something clashing but I can't remember what??
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    Goth vs Industrial [Jul. 8th, 2007|02:45 pm]
    Well I had fun. I was a gothic wench - photos were taken and shall be forthcoming soon I hope! We did run home early (around 2) because neither of us had enough sleep the night before. It was cool to meet some new faces too as well as catch up with old ones I've not seen in ages.
    My only complaint would be the apparent lack of gawth. Even though I like teh oonst as well it is hard to stomp in a 23" corset (although it ended up a lot looser by the end of the night - cocktails and corsets are not friends) and I was looking forward to being a falling leaf (I did my best though).
    It was sad to see the younger "goths" run from the dance floor for 'Telegram Sam' though... Also not enough people were wearing their ribbons! I suppose most people there liked both genres anyway so the "teams" aspect was less important.
    Everyone looked so preeeetyy too!
    Not sure if there will be another one but if there is I'll be looking forward to it.

    All in all it was a fantastic night. Well done to all involved. Yay dancing and pretty frocks.
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    Champagne + Cake [Jul. 3rd, 2007|10:50 pm]

    As some of you know my young man got a promotion a few weeks ago. We bought a cat tree (for Bettie) to celebrate. Well he started in his new role today so we finally opened the bottle of Moet that has been in our fridge since we moved. Now he has gone to bed, because well he has work tomorrow, and I'm still awake and tipsy. It is all very sad and I'm bored... someone entertain me?

    Also I am eating a cake. I made it. It is a whisky fruit cake. It is very very rich and has a lot of black icing. It looks like a Vogon. But it tastes good.

    All in all a very happily self spoiling Tuesday evening.
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    Corset Cuteness [Jul. 2nd, 2007|09:12 pm]

    This is all I have so far. But here is my latest corset shoot. HoW waist trainer, 23" in black coutil.

    2 more @ 24 inchesCollapse )

    Photos by Val.
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    Humor - if it's "funny" it's ok? [Jun. 27th, 2007|06:43 pm]
    [Tags|, ]

    Some of the comments I got to the post I made on the weekend got me thinking. I have a few questions.

    Why does something being "a joke" make it ok? And why is racism, sexism and homophobia funny?

    See I don't think either of these things are ok but they do seem to be prevalent opinions in our society. I think the "hey it was a joke" excuse is only valid when one is being sarcastic and even then it is context dependent. For example I feel ok saying something like "oh well, we all know you can't trust native peoples with civil liberties" because it is pointing out that some people really do think that way (although they would never say it) - it is a joke because really I think that all people have rights and deserve their civil liberties. It isn't all that funny because it is a serious situation but like many people humor and sarcasm are one of my mechanisms for dealing with the often horrific state of both national and international politics.

    By this same token you may argue that calling your straight friends "gay" and making jokes about your friend's sexuality is also ok. But there is a difference. What makes it funny is that "obviously" this person isn't queer because they are male and sleep with women. Well what if they are bisexual? Or in the closet? Or what if someone listening is? It normalizes heterosexuality yet again and implies that were the person gay there would be something worth mockery in that. Even if you wouldn't tease a gay person in the same way (out loud) you do so implicitly. Just because the person you are mocking about being gay isn't, to your knowledge, gay that doesn't make it ok. Implicit and connotative meaning are just as important as denotative meaning. You have to ask yourself why is the idea of my, probably straight, friend being gay funny?

    Humor is a very powerful way of communicating. Often it is a tacit approval or social meaning which is repeated. The tacit fear of contamination, tacit racism, whatever - it is these tacit communications that often make us laugh.

    As a bisexual woman, living as a woman, in a relationship with someone who lives as a man I am often exposed to exclusive/inclusive humor. Often straight people in a group of "straight" people will make semi-homophobic jokes - because it is ok if it isn't directed at a gay person. Wrong. It immediately makes me feel the opposite of included - it reminds me that if these people read me as gay (were I still seeing a woman) then while they would not make that joke they would also see me as other - it reminds me that by dating a male person I am performing in a more acceptable way.
    Ambour gets the same thing. People will make racist jokes around her because she doesn't "look" Maori. I see groups of "white" people do it all the time. Racism and racist "humor" serves as a bonding mechanism - be excluding the unpresent other we are reminded of our own similarities and thus our status as a group. Exclusion is how a lot of groups cohere. After all similarity is simple not-other.
    People often seem to think it is ok if they heard the joke from a Maori person or a Black person or what ever. But in a new context it isn't the same. It is like you may feel ok complaining about your mother but if someone else did it would be insulting - same thing.

    My point is why do we find these things funny? Maybe so long as it is funny we shouldn't be joking about it? People laugh when they're uncomfortable as well as amused - sometimes both at the same time. Sometimes our humor admits a lot more than it means to.

    Making a "joke" can often be a way to say something that would otherwise be unacceptable. It does not excuse the racism, sexism or other ideologies at work. Humor is not and should not be a defense from analysis. Personally I won't find oppression and assumption funny until we really are beyond them.

    :edit: Kim would like everyone to know that he is and was born male :edit:
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    Mother Russia [Jun. 25th, 2007|01:09 am]
    [Tags|, ]

    Acerbus Sonitus Presents:
    An All Female Audio Revolution

    Featuring Litvak Attack and Vostok Lake LIVE!

    Plus other entertainment including female Djs, the Vostok Go-Go Girls,
    And a gypsy dance performance by The Magdalene.

    Friday 20th July
    Doors at 8:30

    At The Thirsty Dog (corner Howe Street and K’rd)

    The djs come from a range of well-known clubs in Auckland and will be playing an amazingly eclectic mix including, but not limited to, prog-rock, ambient and dark folk, goth rock and post punk and finishing the night with hard rock and old school metal.

    It should be a really fun night. All genders welcome.
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    Gender is so last week... [Jun. 24th, 2007|08:12 pm]
    [mood |sickill]

    Now I'm ill. This means I'm bored. This means you get an Opinion. In this instance an opinion formed from an opinion column. Specifically this column.

    Any of you who know me well will know that I dislike this sort of "article" anyway. They are basically one person saying that 50% of the world's population feels exactly the same way as them towards the other 50% of the population. Which is just bad statistics.

    But this one particularly bothers me. As far as I'm concerned it could just be re-written to say "men don't care about women's lives so keep it to your self. Particularly hide and avoid any topic that makes you seem autonomous or stops 'men' from viewing you exactly as they imagine you to be."

    If something is important to my partner then I want to hear about it even if it is shopping, shoes or his job. I like to hope that anyone who is my partner feels the same way. If you don't want to hear about what I like or am doing, or if me living my life (like wanting sleep or to communicate with someone else) bores or annoys you, then fuck you. Someone who doesn't care about what is important to me (no matter what that is) obviously doesn't care about me.

    It is pretty sexist even if you ignore the implication that women should keep their interests to themselves if they're not appropriate to "male" tastes. To represent all men as not caring about the details of women's lives just because they are men is patently ridiculous.
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    Can't Stop The Serenity - This Sat [Jun. 18th, 2007|11:31 pm]

    This is going to be very fun. The wonderful Karen is organizing an Auckland event for the world wide Can't Stop The Serenity Charity event on Joss Whedon's birthday.

    There are prizes, I'm pretty sure they're for Serenity/Firefly costumes as well as raffles. I'm going to make an outfit for the event. Any one else wanting to go and making something for it let me know and we can have a Firefly craft day at my house :)

    Movie: Serenity
    When: Sat 23rd - Doors at 7:30
    Where: Academy Theatre, Lorne St, CBD.
    Phone: (09) 373 2761
    Cost: $13 and all profit goes to Equality Now, the charity the world wide screening event is supporting.

    'Shindig' in the Cinema bar begins at 7:30pm, entering the theatre at 8:15pm. There will be some special clips before the movie, and possibly some afterwards as well.

    Equality Now is a very worthy organisation - it is the women's rights and advocacy group started through Amnesty International.

    You can buy tickets at the theater until Friday. If there are any seats left over there may be "door sales" on the day/night but I'm getting mine tomorrow.

    If people want to meet up at my place before hand for a glass of bubbly and an en mass journey to town then let me know.

    EDIT: Also, my parents are going... aaaw to parents being big geeks. Aaaaw I say.
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