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I'm back... kind of. [Apr. 28th, 2011|11:54 pm]
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[mood |complacentcomplacent]
[music |Silence... because Kim is alseep.]

It has been well over a year since I updated here and probably around a year since I stopped reading. I couldn’t check my friends’ page form work due to two uncut porn posts and it just kind of dropped out of my online routine. But I miss having ranting space so I’m going to try to come back and post at least once a month. I’m not really sure anyone still reads LJ? But maybe that makes it an even better testing ground for my thoughts and ideas – who knows.

I am currently working fulltime (as a side note I’ve been promoted again – mostly yay). I’m also studying part time and writing a dissertation on neoburlesque. This is going pretty well so far. I’m a lot more together these days. I think having an office job has taught me a lot about time management (she says writing an LJ entry at 11:45 on a work night).

These two things combine to mean I don’t really have much of a life. I really wanted to go to a gig tonight – it was going to be great Vostok Lake, Swampy Tonk, Drag queens and burlesque – but instead I stayed in and wrote about other people watching burlesque… There should be something wrong with that picture. But I’m happy. I’m boring but I’m not bored – which I suppose is the operative issue.

Work is good. Stressful at the moment, what with exams coming up, but good. I have a new assistant who hasn’t worked at the University before. She reminds me a bit of me when I first started – poor thing! But she is nice and she is smart so I think it will work out well so long as I don’t screw up all her induction. And I’ve got another new person starting in a few weeks too. Big learning curve but hopefully I’ll get through it and so will they (at least the other new one is part of a pair so the already trained person can help me in training the new person).

I’m on a Women in Leadership programme this year on top of the new job and the dissertation. So a very big year for me really. I have to keep a leadership journal as part of it. I wonder if that is part of what has driven me back here.

That, and the need to say more than “OMG, I’m so stressed, waah” all the time (via FB one is rather limited). I like the networking aspects of Facebook and being able to keep up with the lives of the acquaintances and people I don’t see very often. But I miss the expressiveness that can potentially come with more space to write. I only came back here to clean up the spam. But glancing back over the last NINE years’ worth of journal entries has made me nostalgic.

Well that really is where I’m at right now. Let’s see if I can add yet another 1000 words a month to my already overbalanced workload.

[User Picture]From: bunny_brixton
2011-05-10 05:29 am (UTC)
Some of us are still here! Albeit infrequently. LJ trumps all other social networking sites for me still
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