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[Sep. 30th, 2007|05:46 pm]
20 Years Ago, I...
1) was 2 years and 10 months old.
2) already knew how photosynthesis, atomic structure and electricity work (thanks daddy!).
3) lived on an orchard in Katikati and had a pet sheep named Molly.

15 Years Ago, I...
1) met Kim.
2) became a vegetarian despite my parent's eating meat
3) was diagnosed as a dyslexic.

10 Years Ago, I...
1) stopped home schooling and started at Metro.
2) had my first girlfriend.
3) decided I was Wiccan.

5 Years Ago, I...
1) called myself a Satanist.
2) was doing my degree at the University of Auckland and still had an A average.
3) was Women's Rights Officer on the AUSA exec.

2 Years Ago, I...
1) was involved with organizing CR.
2) had just returned from the UK.
3) broke off my engagement to Juraj.

1 Year Ago, I...
1) had just dropped out of my post-grad course and had a nervous breakdown.
2) was considering up-rooting and moving to Wellington or Dunedin - just because.
3) had to find a self image without academia.

So far this year, I've...
1) moved in with Kim.
2) have started designing and making stripping costumes.
3) have got my life almost back together.

Yesterday, I...
1) went for a long ride on the back of Kim's motorbike and accidentally killed a bug (it flew up my nose - ick).
2) had a very nice lunch with my Nanna and my mum.
3) went to Courtney's flat warming.

Today, I...
1) went to the Vegetarian Fair.
2) bought a motorcycle jacket of my very own!
3) visited my parents bought them lollies.

Tomorrow, I'll...
1) go to a job interview.
2) try to finish Morgan and Courtney's birthday presents.
3) go for another ride with Kim (if it is sunny).

Ps: Everyone who has not done this yet really aught. I know I am finding it very interesting to see what things people pick.